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Security Services

Security Services

i. HSE Security Office

1. Expectations from Students

Students must register their guests with Security staff prior to their arrival, and meet their guests at the Security Point. The parents of students may enter the campus with their private cars. Students must meet their parents at the security point. If the parents are expected to arrive while the students are in class, the students must send their parents’ details via email. Parents may access the campus just like other guests, by presenting their ID cards, subject to the consent/request of the student. A report is prepared against parents and students who fail to leave the campus after the visiting hours (excluding those who have permission from Dormitory Management to stay at dormitories.).  Parents are not granted access to the campus without the consent of the students. Guests are the students’ responsibility.

2. Guests

Rules of Access For Visitors

  • All visitors/guests must abide by the following rules of access in order to be eligible to access the Özyeğin University campus.
  • Everyone requesting access to the campus is required to show proper identification to security staff. Therefore, guests are asked to leave their ID Cards at the security point. The guest’s identification details are entered into the computer system. The guest is provided with a guest/visitor badge, and is asked to wear this at all times on campus.
  • Visiting hours are between 08:00 and 23:00
  • Hosts are held responsible for all of the outcomes which may result from the actions of their guests who are in breach of the on-campus security rules.
  • A criminal complaint is filed at the law enforcement agencies or the public prosecutor’s offices against any guest who commits a crime on-campus.
  • Any person/group whose access is not deemed suitable during the security controls performed at the campus entrances are denied access.
  • Guests must use their own identification cards to access the campus. Guests are not allowed to access campus using another student’s ID card. Should be it determined that a guest attempted to access campus using another student’s identification card, the student is reported. The guest is permanently denied access to the campus.
  • In a case in which a guest needs to leave the campus with Özyeğin University’s property, the guest is asked to provide proof of approval and/or confirmation signed by the respective department head, granting the guest the right to take Özyeğin University’s property outside of the campus.
  • Should the guest need to stay on the campus after 23:00, the host must inform the security in advance. Guests who fail to leave the campus after 23:00 are escorted out of the campus by security staff, unless they were previously signed in. If the host is a dorm resident, security staff contact dormitory staff to escort the guest out of the campus.
  • In exceptional circumstances, guests who are not registered with Dormitory Management in advance may be allowed to stay overnight at the Student Center. In such a case, security staff will check the guest periodically during the night.
  • In a case in which OzU material needs to be taken outside of the campus, the respective unit must prepare a “Material Issue Note”. The note must contain sufficient information about the property/material, including the type of property/material, quantity, destination (where it will be taken to), and the plate number of the vehicle in which it will be transported. Unless the material issue note is available, it is not allowed to take any OzU material outside of the campus. In the absence of a material issue note, security staff will act in accordance with the written decision which the respective unit will render and submit to security staff.

3. Expectations from Employees

Rules for Faculty and Staff

  • Özyeğin University employees must register their guests with Security staff at the main entrance prior to their arrival. Pre-registered guests are asked to leave their ID Cards at the security point. The guest’s identification details are entered into the computer system. Guests may park their vehicles in the on-campus parking lots. Guests are not allowed to use the parking garages. Security staff and/or Information Desk staff accompany guests to their hosts.
  • The host is notified by phone of his/her guest’s arrival. If the host accepts the guest, the guest is granted access to the campus, and provided with necessary guidance. If the host declines the guest, the guest is not granted access to the campus and is informed that either the host is in a meeting or could not be reached at that moment.
  • Hosts are held responsible for the actions of their guests within the campus premises, and indemnify the University for all losses and damage sustained in connection with or out of the actions of their guests.

Rules for Subcontractors’ Staff

  •  In breach of the University or campus rules, a report is prepared against the parties involved.  The report is then submitted to the respective subcontractor and the Office of the Secretary General.  Also, the respective unit’s manager is notified.
  • The staff of subcontractors must provide their ID cards (which bear their TR Identity Numbers/Passport Numbers) in order to have access to the campus. Failure to provide an identity card will result in denial of access to the campus. Providers who fail to adhere to the University’s rules for receiving goods (i.e. rules of access, identification, transportation procedures etc.) are warned. The repetition of the same violation results in denial of access to the campus.
  • Subcontractors who breach the campus rules are denied access to the campus, regardless of their reason.
  • The staff of subcontractors and on-campus businesses are not allowed to accept guests on-campus. These staff members must see their guests outside of the campus.


4. Safety Directives

You can use the link to review the procedures on basic principles, methods, actions to initiate disciplinary action, judicial cases, special processes within the scope of Security Services.





 ii. Security Center

1. ID Card

Sample student and staff ID cards are as in the link.

2. Campus Vehicle Permit
Parking permits are issued as described in the link after the HSE Department completes the necessary procedures. Campus vehicle permit card is obtained from the HSE department on the -2nd floor of the Student Center, after filling the required form, the department provides support.

3. Parking Facilities

Violation Codes and Penal Sanctions




Parking violations (Parking outside the designated parking spaces.)


Parking in spaces designated for people with disabilities or in a way blocking the emergency exits


Disregarding the warnings of staff members


Violating pedestrians’ right of way


Driving on the opposite lane, exceeding the speed limits, or driving dangerously within the parking facilities