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Health Safety and Environment Culture

Health Safety and Environment Culture

The health and safety management system at Özyeğin University is designed to be easily adopted by students, faculty, and staff, and made an integral part of their lives.

Özyeğin University accepts and acknowledges that the health and safety culture is a key element of its organizational culture. Hence, it is the primary responsibility of all academic and administrative managers to create and develop a mutual understanding, shared beliefs, habits, and values among all stakeholders and prevent any harm to public health while all the time maintaining the confidentiality of personal data.



The health and safety culture of Özyeğin University is grounded on encouraging all stakeholders to safely share and exchange knowledge about both occupational and general health and safety, and ensuring that all individuals can effectively distinguish between acceptable and unacceptable behavior; always be inquisitive; target for excellence; and take personal responsibility and accountability for all their actions.

Özyeğin University promotes and supports organizing training sessions, seminars, events and similar other activities to improve its health and safety culture.