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HSE Committee

HSE Committee

Özyeğin University established an official Occupational Health and Safety Committee, which was later  expanded and transformed into the Health Safety and Environment Committee in recognition of environmental requirements. In addition to administrative representatives legally required to be on the committee, the committee was expanded to include also academic and student representatives.  All members of the committee have the opportunity to analyze and contribute to campus processes from the perspective of health, safety and environment. Members periodically meet and present their formal recommendations to senior management.

HSE Committee Working Procedure-pdf

Committee Members

Alican Saygi - alican.saygi@ozyegin.edu.tr -SAS Representative  
Basak Altan - 
basak.altan@ozyegin.edu.tr -Faculty of Business Representative
Beste Ersun - 
beste.ersun@ozyegin.edu.tr -Corporate Communications Coordinator
Bige Acimuz - 
bige.acimuz@ozyegin.edu.trFaculty of Law Representative
Cemalettin Gurel - 
cemalettin.gurel@ozyegin.edu.tr- Operations Director
Ekmel Uyar - 
ekmel.uyar@ozu.edu.tr - Student Union (SU) President
Erdi Tüzün -
erdi.tuzun@ozyegin.edu.tr - Engineer at HSE Department
Erzen Oncel - 
erzen.oncel@ozyegin.edu.tr - Faculty of Social Sciences Representative
Gokce Gokbalkan - 
gokce.gokbalkan@ozyegin.edu.tr- Sustainable Development Platform Representative
Gulay Altay - 
gulay.altay@ozyegin.edu.tr -Faculty of Engineering Representative
Turgut Ekinci - 
guvenlik.vardiyaamiri@ozyegin.edu.tr- Tepe  Savunma (Security) Representative
Hikmet Tasdemir - 
hikmet.tasdemir@ozyegin.edu.tr - HSE Coordinator /Board Secretary
Leyla Adiloglu - 
leyla.adiloglu@ozyegin.edu.tr - Faculty of Aviation Representative
Muge Belbes - 
muge.belbes@ozyegin.edu.tr - HR Director
Ahmet Murat Albayrak - 
murat.albayrak@ozyegin.edu.tr  - Occupational Physician
Murat Ustabasi - 
murat.ustabasi@ozyegin.edu.tr - Chief Employee Representative
Nergis Uyan - 
nergis.uyan@ozyegin.edu.tr - Club President and ScOLa Director
Recep Uzal - 
recep.uzal@ozyegin.edu.tr -Technician
Semra Tokay - 
semra.tokay@ozyegin.edu.tr -Faculty of Architecture Representative
Tolga Onder - 
tolga.onder@ozyegin.edu.tr- Secretary General
Yasemin Kilit Aklar - 
yasemin.kilit@ozyegin.edu.tr - QE Accreditation Coordinator
Yasemin Somuncu - 
yasemin.somuncu@ozyegin.edu.tr - CEEE Representative
Ayhan Kabakçı - 
ayhan.kabakci@solutoservices.com - Soluto Representative
Ceren Yılmaz - 
ceren.yilmaz@ozu.edu.tr - HSE Society President